A 3D Virtual Tour of Summerseat Garden Centre!

Virtual Tour Navigation Tips:

  • Switch to Full Screen

Click the small, square icon at the top-right of the image (press Esc to exit full screen).

  • Look Left, Right, Up or Down

Hold your left mouse button down over the image and drag the cursor.

Alternatively, click the arrows in the navigation wheel (top-left of the image).

  •  Move Forward, Left or Right

Click the arrows on the floor (you may need to move the image up to see the arrows).

Alternatively, click on the path in the direction you wish to move.

  • Zoom In or Out

Move your mouse scroll wheel forwards (in) or backwards (out) over the image.

Alternatively, click the + and - buttons under the navigation wheel (top-left of the image).


Freshly baked cakes and scones
Summerseat CafeDelicious home cooked meals

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Reward Card